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MUULK - Artisan Dairy

Malaysia's own dairy farm with quality fresh milk, ice-cream and freshest meat. MUULK milk is sourced from Jersey Friesian cows. We take pride in lightly pasteurized and non-homogenized dairy to preserve taste and nutrition. MUULK safeguards halal in uber-clean facilities. We deliver to your home around Klang Valley.

Milk is packed with nutrients;

Vitamin A
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D

What they say about MUULK?
Freshest and delicious Milk in Malaysia.
Ferhad IberhimSinger / Recording Artiste
I tak boleh deny ice cream dari @muulkmy is one of the creamiest ice creams I have ever tasted. I raved so much about it to my families I gotta let them try for themselves 🤣 so now i gotta rave it to you guys!! Hehehe
Fyra Hisham
@muulkmy ice cream is a must in every household. One important thing i want to point out for a good ice cream maker, @muulkmy ice cream texure is ALWAYS RIGHT!! no matter how cold I freeze it, it serves up soft and it is never hard to get it out of the container, bravo 👏
People.Eat.Travel.ArtIG: peta_kl
My experience with MUULK has been fantastic. The service has been extremely punctual. The quality of the milk has been terrific, the taste of the milk, the thickness blends really well with coffee and tea. My Kids loves the milk and has a big glass while going to sleep everyday. As compared to other brands, the purity and the freshness of the milk has been very noteworthy and hence they standout. MUULK have the best milk I have ever had and the best Vanilla + Chocolate Ice Cream!
Ikhwan Shah